25 April 2012

Cameron Highlands - Strawberry Farm And Durians

Second Stop - Strawberry Farm

The lady boss explaining to us about the payment and strawberry plucking process.

Here we go..

The very small entrance

Spotted the big one, but not ripe

And the round one also

My little boy's good friend
( He didn't want to follow hubby and I the whole time, haizz.. )

Very happy plucking

Needed a little help..

Well, the place is quite steep and narrow to me

Hah, hubby got one, hehe

My little girl says this one looks like her hair clip, :p

Our strawberries...
( Quite small and sourish though )

Hmm.. managed to get a bigger one

After that, they will weigh the strawberries and to pay according to the weight.
( Forgot about the price, but not cheap horr.. )

Snapped a photo while waiting

Chocolate coated strawberries..

Third stop - Durians

On our way up to the hotel, we stopped by the durian stall by the roadside.
We chose the ones with big big holes.
Because, those are the ones eaten by squirrels.
Sweet and tasty.
( RM10 per kg, not cheap )


  1. Strawberry picking is not cheap at all and more often then not, they're sour. But it'll be an experience for the kids.

    1. Yes Cheah. Entrance, plucking and strawberries costs us a few hundred ringgit!!!

  2. i cant even remember whether i've been to that strawberry farm or not!! even if i did, i must be very small..no memories at all!

    1. I remember the last time I went there, only look see look see. No plucking allowed. Now that plucking is allowed with a fee, they are making good money orr... Better than just selling.
      ( Nothing beats plucking strawberries in Korea, really. Can eat as u pluck. Sweet, big and juicy )