04 May 2012

Cameron Highlands - Equatorial Apartment

At about 3:30pm, we headed to the apartment to check-in. Quite disappointed though because the apartment is quite run down. :(

The entrance

Mini fridge

Living Hall


View from the balcony

We took the master bedroom with a king size bed

The bathroom.
Had to wait at least 30 minutes for hot water after switching on the heater.
Very very slow and water will turn cold halfway bathing. :(

Second room with a queen size bed
Our friend here spotted quite a lot of dust on the pillows, urgh!

Third room with two single beds

 Everyone took a nap and rested in the apartment.
Then, at about 7pm, we went out to look for food for dinner.

This restaurant is just walking distance away from the apartment, BUT.....
the staffs there are VERY VERY BUSY I GUESS, because we waited and waited but no one came to take order!!
Not only us actually, other tables facing same problems too.

Then, we headed down to Brinchang for steamboat.
( Took us 2 hours from Equatorial to Brinchang!! Normally only 15 minutes )
Jammed like mad!!!

Steamboat using charcoal fire.
First time seeing this :)

After dinner, went jalan-jalan at the night market and bought a few fridge magnets and socks, hehe.
( Feet starting to feel cold )


  1. I do agree with you that the Equatorial apartments are very run down, not value for money. Never go tothe highlands during weekends, public holidays or school holidays, heavy traffic jam!

  2. Yes Cheah, even the restaurant and shop owners there said the same. Will probably stay in Brinchang the next time I go there. A lot of hotels around nowadays. Will choose the ones with walking distance and not much driving needed. :D

  3. My last trip was 13 years ago, when my daughter was 2 years old, hehehe ..we have charcoal steamboat restaurant here but never seen a steamboat bowl has so tall metal tube ! Very interesting .

    1. Ooo... very long time oredi.... Don't worry, lots of hotels around there. Just don't go on weekends or holiday season. Bad jam everywhere. Very interesting horr, guess it's to prevent the charcoal ash falling into the soup lah :P

  4. Having steamboat in Cameron Highland is the best meal.

    1. Yes, I do agree especially on a cold and windy evening. Btw, thanks for dropping by ;)

  5. from the photos, it doesnt look that bad. But i guess probably the rooms could be vacant for some time this the dusty pillows! haha! it will be frustrating for me to be stucked in the middle of the hill, dont know whether to go up or come down!! happy mother's day to you!

    1. Hi Lena, sorry for the late reply :)
      Not only dusty pillows but smelly too!! Bad timing gua... haha. Overall the room ok laa.
      Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  6. Replies
    1. Me too :) Didn't feel like coming down!!

  7. isn't equatorial hotel in brinchang itself next to the kea farm/market?

    1. No, it's not in the town itself. It's located approximately 5 minutes away further up. :)
      ( will reach market and kea farm before equatorial hotel )

  8. Just discovered your blog, very interesting, love your homey dishes. We are also considering going to cameron this december and staying at equatorial apartments coz we have berjaya timeshare...the apartments very run down is it? :(. Oh dear. We may be bringing guests also....

    1. Hi Esther, sorry for the late reply and thanks for yr kind comments also :) Well, my expectations may be a bit higher b'cos of the Equatorial name. Thus, when I saw the conditions, I felt a bit let down, hehe.

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