20 April 2012

Trip To Cameron Highlands

It's been a while since I did my last posting. Got to admit that Korean Dramas nowadays are soooo addictive!!!

Went on a 2 days 1 night trip to Cameron Highlands with family recently. Hubby and I had promised to bring the kids there when Julia won a trophy for her English Reading Competition. A long overdue one indeed..

Did enjoyed ourselves very much because everyone was very " sporting " and " cincai " :))

Day 1

Went in my bro's Alphard. 
Spacious, where kids can walk around if bored and can get to watch cartoon movies too. :)

Halfway thru, our big " koko " ( my nephew ) here wanted to " shee shee " .
( troublesome fella :p )
Managed to take a picture after that in the orang asli's hut, hehe.

Long winding road.
Dizzy.. Dizzy..

- First Stop -
- Cameron Valley -

Hot and sunny day

Beautiful Tea Plantation

Kids started playing hide and seek

And hubby eating lollipop given to him by my little boy.

Autograph session
{ Can spot abang and adik written by my little boy? Didn't know who gave him the pen :( }

Tea varieties

And having some cheese cakes with tea of course.
( Can anyone tell me why I couldn't make tea as good as the one I had there, even with the tea leaves bought from there??? )


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. We have almost 10 years did not visit to Cameron highland, time to visit again..

    1. It's 11 years for us, haha. Don't go during weekends and public holidays. Jammed like mad, I tell u.

  2. Hi there. Just saying I love ur blog and ur recipes. Simple homecook recipes that is fast and yummy.So far I tried one of ur recipes and my hubs gave a thumbs up to it...

    1. Hi Leona, glad u and family like them. Do try out others. They're yummy, hehe.