10 November 2011

Dirty Old Little " Seamus "

This is my little girl's favorite little " Seamus ". Bought this toy many many years ago, and it's no more selling in the shop anymore. 

So, this day has finally come. IT'S TORN!! 
Yay.... can replace a new one for her. :)

But.... she started crying like no tomorrow. Aiyah!!

The conversation goes like this :
Mummy : Well, now that Seamus is torn, you will need to replace a new one already.
Julia : No, I don't want.
Mummy : Even the doctor said to change it because it's very very dirty and old.
Julia : No. Seamus is my best friend. U know or not, he is the one who will accompany me to sleep every night. You and daddy will always leave me in the room all by myself to sleep every night. I cannot sleep without him. At times, I will talk to him also.
Mummy : Gulp! ( My kids are watching too much movies )

Sew it back..

And happy face again.

This is how she rubs the neck and ears of her little Seamus. :P
And I shall wait and see how long this little toy will be exchanged. :))


  1. Aiyah Nvm la, Can save money lo!

  2. you managed to sew it back for her!! you're great mom! thanks for your birthday wishes too at my blog!

  3. Pang : Very dirty already la.

    Lena : Well, had no choice but to sew it back this round. Hope next round I can't do that anymore. ( badly torn, haha )