06 April 2011

Bacon Wrap

Got this recipe from the internet and love this combination of vege and bacon. I have tried bacon with asparagus but bacon with french bean taste better!!!

This is a great dish, very simple and can be served as finger food or main side dish for dinner too. :))

Ingredients :

3 pieces bacon - cut into half
12 thinly sliced radish
12 thinly sliced carrot
french bean - length the same size as the width of the bacon
some cornflour for dusting

Method :

Bring half a small pot of water to boil
Add in 1 tsp oil, french bean, radish and carrot
Let it cook for 2 minutes
Remove from pot

Place the veges into chilled water to prevent them from cooking further

Pat dry the veges with kitchen towel

Make 4 layers of the radish and carrot pieces on bacon 
Then followed by french bean and dust some cornflour at the edge of bacon

Roll up and secure with toothpick

Fry at medium heat till bacon just changed colour
Place on kitchen towel to absorb excess oil

Transfer to a plate and serve


  1. Yeah. I only ate a piece and my hubby " sapu " all. Haha.

  2. Love this! Bacon-wrapped anything is usually a winner! :D