18 November 2010

Sweet And Sour Layer Cake

My children's kindergarten teacher asked us to contribute some snacks for this coming Friday party. A sweet and sour layer cake would be nice because I know I can never go wrong with haw flakes. :))

This cake is very fragrant with a sweet and sour taste and I bet the kids will like it!

Ingredients :

330g cream crackers
350g butter
400g condensed milk
10 large eggs, separated
100g fine granulated sugar ( I used 75g )
haw flakes

Method :

Lightly grease and line the bottom of an 8" cake tin with baking paper. ( I used 2 smaller cake tins because my steamer is not big enough )

Crush cream crackers till they resemble breadcrumbs. 

Beat butter and condensed milk until creamy.

Add in egg yolks one at a time and beat until well incorporated.

Beat egg whites and sugar until fluffy. ( need not be beaten till stiff peaks form )

Add crushed crackers into butter mixture. Mix well.

Fold egg whites into batter.

Bring water in steamer to boil. Place prepared cake tin, add batter, top with haw flakes and steam for 8 to 10 minutes till all batter is used up. Cover cake tin loosely with aluminium foil while steaming to prevent water dripping onto cake.

For me :
First layer - 10 minutes, 
Second layer onwards - 15 minutes,
Last layer - 20 minutes ( to make sure the cake is cooked thoroughly )

Allow cake to cool in pan.

*** Recipe adapted from Lily's Wai Sek Hong.


  1. I know I will love this cake because haw flakes is my favorite. Got to try this!

  2. Ha ha, I thought haw flakes were only KIDS favourite! Do give this a try, it's yummy.... :))

  3. I believe the kids love it very much, right?

  4. Yah, not only kids, but teachers also. :D

  5. hi, havent come across this kind of cake..looks interesting!

  6. This type of layer cake is very common among Malays. Nowadays, I guess not only Malays fancy it but everyone including myself, hee hee.

    Do give it a try if you like haw flakes. :)