02 November 2010

Our Breakfast In Georgetown Kopitiam, Wangsa Walk

Hubby brought us to Wangsa Walk last Sunday. Hmm.... got to say the complex is very clean and spacious. Not bad.

Wanted to go for coffee and buns in Rotiboy, but........ knowing princess is a " kopitiam kaki ", she directed us to Georgetown Kopitiam.


So, Georgetown Kopitiam, here we come.

White Coffee and Cham
Not bad

Hubby ordered Char Koey Teow
Fragrant and spicy too...

Ordered Butter and Kaya Toast for Prince
Bread was toasted like the ones in old shops, can still get to chew it :D

Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken for princess
( Separated the curry chicken and sambal upon request )

Fluffy and fragrant rice
Crispy anchovies and crunchy peanuts
Sambal not bad

But...... didn't like the curry chicken
( Not what we expected )

Did I say the anchovies and peanuts were yummy?

Conclusion :

The man : Not Bad
Me : Not Bad
Princess : Yummy
Prince : Yummy

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