11 September 2010

Trip To Senawang

Went back to Senawang to visit relatives and my kids' mama ( babysitter ) yesterday. The KL - Seremban highway was not congested, maybe because everyone has gone for holidays earlier.

Since we sold off our house, had to go hotel for our one nite's stay this round. Well, as usual, we went to Sri Senawang Hotel as requested by our little princess. Why? Because it's very near to her mama's house, that's why. Anyway, it's just RM70+ per night and we agreed. It's a budget hotel actually with small rooms.

Hubby wanted to go for Royal Bintang or Allson Klana Resort earlier hoping to get a family room but unfortunately not all hotels are with family rooms. " 5 star hotels only I guess "

We had a great time there even it's just 2 days and 1 night.

Here are some photos taken during our stay :

Poor Daddy, So Tired........

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