12 September 2010

Our Jalan Jalan Cari Makan In Senawang

Went for a ride after dinner around Senawang and Seremban town. Not much difference except for wider roads everywhere and of course the new LEKAS highway.

Dataran Senawang famous mamak stall - Azhaar Maju

I guess part of raya for young folks in Senawang is get together and lepak in mamak stalls.

We ordered neslo and roti tissue. The roti tissue was thin and crispy and within minutes we finished it up.

The neslo was yummy too. 

Prince started to get tired and sleepy, so we decided to call it a day.

The next morning, we went to Asia Laksa. The most famous curry laksa in town.

We reached there at 9:30am and it's already packed. 

Steamed bread and cham

Half boiled eggs

Curry laksa and dry noodle

After breakfast, we went to visit the kids' mama. Princess told me she's so happy because she miss her mama so much.


  1. Very long never try this laksa, too bad my kids dun like spicy food.

  2. Same here :) Hubby and I will have the laksa and the kids will have bread and dry noodle.

  3. I love Asia Laksa!!! It is the best! Still my all time favourite!! I miss it so much. My house in Senawang is sold too a few years back. So much childhood memories there!!

  4. Yes yes yes. I like the one in Senawang rather than the one in Rahang :D