05 September 2010

Simple Fried Rice

Weather has been very warm as usual plus hubby is in outstation. This kind of situations make me very very lazy to cook, but kids have to eat anyway. Until today, my fridge had stored quite a lot of leftover rice. Since the kids love chinese sausage, I'll cook them fried rice for lunch today. :)

Ingredients :

4 bowls rice ( kept in fridge overnight )
1 pair chinese sausage - cut into very small pieces
2 eggs - lightly beaten
1/2 onion - shredded
4 tbsp light soy sauce

Method :

Heat 3 tbsp oil in a non stick wok.
Add in onions and saute till soft, then add in chinese sausage.
Saute for another 2 minutes under medium low heat.
Push onions and chinese sausage to the side of the wok, turn to medium high heat and add in eggs to fry like above.

When the eggs are half cooked, mix them all up evenly.

Finally add in rice, mix them evenly and add in soy sauce.
Stir fry at high heat and when rice grains at the side of wok starts popping, it's done.
Dish up and serve.

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