10 February 2012

Back To School Bento

Hi everyone, I'm sick again. Urgh.. gotten worse this time. Walking like an old lady with a sexy voice!!!

Everytime when I'm sick, I'll start to think of my children. Guess they kept me strong, hehe. ( Sorry hubby, never thought of u first :P ) That is why I wanted to shift to a place near my children's school and to stay in a small but cosy apartment. More time guiding my children on their homework and less house chores to do too!! ( especially when I'm sick, like now )

This round I'll just post some of the back to school bentos I made for my little girl. She likes it. :))


  1. with sexy voice then can start singing anita mui's songs..ha! how did you get the word ' happy' on the slice of bread? did you stamp it?

  2. Hahaha, can sing " Jeong Ping San Phiak Hoy " already. Yes, I used a bento stamp for the bread. Bought from Daiso.

  3. Hi BGC, do you mind to give your email address? Thanks!