22 October 2011

Food In Korea

While waiting for hubby to fix my card reader, guess I shall post some of the food I had during my trip to Korea last year. Quite memorable though! :))

Food testing in kimchi factory
( kimchi, kimchi pancake, mochi and sweet potato )

Strawberry plucking farm
( Each of us was allowed to pluck only 5 strawberries, so must get the biggest one possible :P )
Besides that, our tour guide told us to eat as much strawberries as possible while plucking, just don't let the staffs see us doing that, LOL )

Bibimbap lunch

Street food

Some of the food we had for our buffet dinner
( Quite a lot of choices though )

Like the cake deco from the hotel restaurant


Samgyetang with rice wine added

Breakfast from a Chinese Restaurant
( Lousy )

Dakgalbi and side dishes in Seoul

Dakgalbi and side dishes in Jeju Island

Banana yogurt drink bought from 7 Eleven

Black pig meat meal ( Jeju Island )
( not nice )

Very very cold breakfast meal
( Very tiny abalone and hard as a rock buns )

** Didn't manage to snap photos of delicious range of seafood we had in Jeju Island and the wonderful herbal chicken soup in Seoul too **


  1. Looks like you had a lovely trip! I love Korean food too :) (well most of it)

  2. It was a wonderful trip and yes, " most of it " ey... Same here :D

  3. actually this morning i just fried some kimchi fried rice, yummy, but forgot to take photos because too hungry, hehehe..Thanks for sharing your Korea trip food photos, this is a place i have wanted to visit.

  4. There are a lot more delicious food in Korea actually Sonia. :) Didn't manage to snap all the photos of the food we had. And I find the food there are a little bit different from the Korean Restaurants in Malaysia. Well, must cater for Malaysian preference in Malaysia. :P