27 June 2011

My Ramblings

Hubby just came back from London on Saturday and we had our family dinner at FIL's place as usual yesterday. Everyone was happily talking about their jobs that requires travelling throughout the dinner and suddenly I kinda felt left out. Well, it kinda brought back my memories with life changes after hubby and I got married. :)

I love working and gotta admit that I cried a lot staying at home looking after my kids when I quit my job. It was like the end of the world to me. I knew nothing about taking care of children and I had no one to talk  or refer to. To make matters worst, hubby was always away from home.

After so many years of struggling and crying, my kids are now in school for half a day and life has been better. At least I can concentrate doing my chores at home and blogging!!! Come to think of it, I still have friends via blogging, hehe. Well, I still do sit at the corner of the wall and cry once a while when I'm very very tired. Really, no one to turn to when something goes wrong.

And I guess I regretted it so much that I listened to my hubby and quit my job.

Talking about my old man, here's what he bought for me from his working trip to London.


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