22 June 2011

Chocolate Cornflakes ( Gluten Free )

My little boy is such a picky eater resulting him to be shorter and smaller sized compared to his classmates. Well, maybe he doesn't eat right and not getting enough nutritions from the food he had.

Besides that, we suspected that he has this gluten sensitivity leading him with symptoms such as bloating and diarrhea. Not much of diarrhea but bloating.

So, we changed his milk powder to Pediasure ( which is gluten free ) and limits his intake of bread and cakes. { Couldn't bake cakes at the moment :(  } And no more bloating and diarrhea with weight gain. :))

Well, will put gluten back to his diet when he's older because my baby loves breads and cakes!!! Poor thing.

Bought the gluten free cornflakes from Cold Storage that day and guess what, both the kids didn't like it. So, had to make something yummy out of it and found this recipe from the internet.

Ingredients :

50g butter
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tsp cocoa powder
200g cornflakes

Method :

Bring all the ingredients ( except cornflakes ) to melt in a heated small pot.
Then, remove from heat and stir it for a while to cool it down. 
( If not the cornflakes will turn soggy )

Pour the melted chocolate into the cornflakes and toss it till well combined.


Transfer to paper cups and keep in freezer.

Back to school snack :)

{ Glad my kids loved it }

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