29 December 2010

Holiday Trip To Port Dickson

This PD trip was a last minute decision actually. Since both the kids didn't get to go Genting earlier, I suggested to go somewhere near and kids favourite place. " THE BEACH "

We stayed in Selesa Beach Resort ( previously Regency Hotel ) for 2 days and 1 night, but the kids just can't get enough of playing and swimming.

Well, we did have a wonderful time and will be going there again, maybe coming CNY. :)

Reached PD at about 12 noon and had a simple lunch at the famous rojak roadside stall. ( everyone was thirsty but not hungry )

Rojak stall opposite Pizza Hut

ABC and cendol may not look appetizing but tastes yummy

Rojak was good also with the tasty sauce

Weather was fine, neither hot nor gloomy

After lunch, we went shopping at Billion and The Store Supermarket.

Finally, at about 2:30pm, we head on to Selesa Beach Resort.



Our room

The room was clean, air-con ok


Pool view from our room


Started playing in the room already


Couldn't wait to go swimming

Getting a good rest before heading to the beach

Princess thought these were persimmons, hehe

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