25 November 2010

Princess Down With Fever

Princess came down with fever just after the very last week of school. :(

Our pre planned trip to Genting Highlands had to be cancelled and luckily the hotel rooms can be utilized by her cousins. Well, can go again next time. :)

Was a bit moody and lethargic due to the fever, pity my baby.



Eh! Why suddenly laughing?

Because..... she gave us a big loud " FART "

Took blood test for fear of dengue

Angry daddy trying to get her to sleep

Didn't allow us to snap a photo

So..... we peeped and took the picture, kah! kah! kah!


  1. Hi BGC,
    Thanks for dropping me a line...it truly encourages me and it is great that I can make more friends from KL :) You have a great blog and I will be hopping by often :)

    You have a nice and wonderful family :) Hope your gal is better now :) Speedy recovery for her so that she can enjoy the holidays :)


  2. Thanks for the wonderful comments. :)) I'm a big fan of yours and KEEP THE RECIPES COMING......

    Princess has fully recovered and looking forward to spend her school holidays with her grandparents and not me. :(