21 October 2010

Funeral Rites For My Mom

Time flies. Yesterday was the final prayers to mark the 3 years of " pantang " days for our family. Well, I don't know about others but we Hokkiens will take 3 years where as Hakkas will take only 100 days.

I was not very sad when my mom passed away. To me, the day has finally come after years of suffering from blindness and immobility from diabetes. I guess the saddest part for me is that both my parents were not able to see my husband and my children that I am very very proud of.

Well, life has to go on and enough of grandmother stories. Ha Ha.

Since both my parents are no more around, Chinese New Year will be celebrated differently from now on. No more going back for " reunion dinner " like always. But, everyone does have other plans.

They were all planning to have a group vacation every year during Chinese New Year since everyone is very very afraid to cook and wash during that period. " Totally agree " :D

Well, shall wait and see what's the plan outcome later.

Here are the photos taken :

Preparation for the prayers

The prayers

The old (left and middle) and new (right) boards

My siblings ( 2nd bro didn't come )

Group photo

Holding joss-sticks during prayers and can see everyone's eyes are suffering

To burn and dispose off the old ones

And replace with this new one

Each one of us light and burn a piece

The sifu keeps reading the mantras during the burning process

Sifu asked us to savour the offerings as a blessing

To hang the red cloth for 3 days

The new board is to be taken back to my bro's house

The kids were very obedient throughout the prayers 
Maybe it's something new to them :)

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