29 October 2010

Fried Fish In Soy Sauce

Here's another simple dish often cooked by my grandma. I prefer my grandma's cooking compared to my mum's, maybe because it was my grandma who took care of us when we were kids. At that time, my grandma likes to use black pomfret to fry. It's much cheaper than other larger fishes I guess. :P

My siblings and I can just eat the rice with the soy sauce. The fragrant smell is just wonderful.

Ingredients :

threadfin fish ( ma yau ) - size of a palm ( can use black pomfret )
oil for shallow frying
soy sauce

Method :

Heat a non-stick pan with oil.
When the oil is shimmering, slowly lower fish into oil.
Fry in medium heat till brown on one side before flipping over to brown the other side.
Remove to serving plate together with 3 tbsp of oil from frying.
Add 2 tbsp of soy sauce into the oil.
Serve warm with white rice.

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