25 October 2010

ABC Soup

Why is it called ABC soup? Is it because it has vitamin A,B and C in it? I think it should be.

ABC soup has always been any kids favourite. The combination colours of the veges makes the soup look very appetizing and of course it do tastes very very good too.

A very nutritious and colourful soup. Very suitable for kids.

Ingredients :

size of a fist of pork loin
1 large potato 
1 medium carrot 
1 large tomato 
1/2 onion 
( cut all the veges above into chunks )
1.5 litre of water
salt to taste

Method :

Bring water in a small pot to boil and add in pork loin. Continue to boil until all the scums from the pork rise to the surface. Remove pork and wash away all the scums.

In another medium large pot, put cleaned pork loin together with the rest of ingredients except the salt.
Bring to boil and switch to low heat and let it simmer for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Add salt to taste.
Serve hot.

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