25 August 2010

Snowskin Mooncake

Last week my sis came over for a visit. She bought me a snowskin mooncake cookbook. Well, today I made a few pandan snowskin mooncake to try it out. Got to say I'm quite satisfied with my first attempt.  Bought the red bean filling from 8P Concept.

Hubby and sis commented that the skin is a bit too thick. Next round got to knead and stretch the skin better. Overall ok :)

Ingredients for skin : ( can make about 8 to 9, 70 gms mooncake )

( A )
80g kou fen
30g cooked cornflour
40g icing sugar
( sifted together twice )

( B )
30g shortening
30g liquid glucose
125 - 150ml pandan juice ( blended with 15 blades pandan leave, strain out solution, cooked and cool well )

Red bean filling mixed with melon seeds ( kua chee )

Method :

Combine A and B, knead well into a smooth dough. 

Cover and rest dough for 1 hour or keep chilled overnight.

Portion skin into 38g each and filling 32g each.
Flatten skin and wrap in filling like the above.
Then dust with kou fen, place into mould, press and dislodge imprinted mooncake.

*** I find that the skin is a bit too thick, next round will try skin 32g and filling 38g.


  1. Oo, your mooncakes are so pretty! I bet they were tasty too.

  2. Thank you Indie.Tea. My kids love it.