03 September 2011

Tiara Beach Resort Holiday In Port Dickson

Went to PD Tiara Beach Resort with the MATTA FAIR vouchers yesterday. 
It's a kid's paradise resort, nothing much for adults, haha.


Reached there early and can only utilise the pool after 12pm.
So, brought the kids to Teluk Kemang to play.

The beach was crowded with lots of people..
Really hassle free nowadays, can rent tents, tables, chairs, etc..

Checked in at 2pm.

Given wrist bands 
( yellow for 1st day, blue for 2nd day )

Our rooms 
( opposite each other with our in-laws )

Hubby had fever, not joining us for the water play :(

Kids playing happily

My little boy's favorite spot

Had dinner at Weng Yin Seafood Restaurant.
Food was so so only and quite pricey though!

At night, workers added a lot of chlorine powder into the water
( Very strong smell and my eyes and nose started to itch too )

BIL bought toys for the kids

Yap tai-ko and Yap tee-tee
( see the trademark ears.. :P )

The restaurants

Sat down and watched Toy Story 3 for a while

Then went back to our rooms to relax and later


Poor hubby was still having fever with a bad headache :(

After a light breakfast, we brought the kids to the KIDS CLUB where they did their sand art and play

The girls finished doing their sand art 

and the moms doing for the boys halfway..


Boys prefer playing rather than doing sand art
After that, they went water play again

And by 11am, took bath and checked out

My little girl came back with blue blacks and cuts all over her legs, haha.


  1. Sorry that you hubby is not well during the trip. Bummer! Oh I hope you little girl is not hurting. Overall, think your kiddies enjoyed themselves and it is a nice family outing.

  2. lovely cliks..ur kids are sooooooo cute..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  3. Quay Po Cooks : Kids did enjoy themselves very very much and didn't wanna come back, LOL. As for hubby, yeah, poor guy. Paying everything but couldn't join the kids and have fun. :-P

    Jay : Thanks a lot. :))