12 August 2011

Mocha Steamed Chocolate Cake

{ Size of cake with the actual amount of ingredients used }

Made a mocha chocolate cake for my boy's birthday that day and decorated with his favorite Thomas and Friends toy. :)

The cake uses steaming method. It was soft and moist but not flavourful enough though. But the kids like it. :))

Got the recipe from Rima. Thanks Rima. :)

The ingredients and steps below are for halved portions. ( Made another smaller one with additional mocha, coffee and chocolate paste )

Ingredients : ( Actual )

( A )
12 egg yolks
7 egg whites
350g sugar
20g emulsifier

( B )
200g flour
40g milk powder
1 tsp baking powder

( C )
200g butter / margarine
50g coconut milk

( D )
1 tbsp black forest paste / chocolate paste
1 tbsp mocha paste

Ingredients : ( My cake )

( A )
6 egg yolks
4 egg whites
130g sugar
10g emulsifier

( B )
100g flour
20g milk powder
1/2 tsp baking powder

( C )
100g butter
25g coconut milk

( D )
2 tsp chocolate emulco
1 tsp mocha essence + 1 tsp coffee emulco

Method :

Greased and lined a cake tin. ( Actual is 8" x 8" )
( I used 7" x 7" - too big resulting very thin layers )

Mix ( B ) and set aside.

Whisk ( C ) until smooth, set aside.

Beat ( A ) till thick and fluffy.

Add ( B ) and mix well.

Add in ( C ) and continue to mix till well combined.

Divide batter into three parts. 
One with mocha, the other with chocolate and the third remain.
( Best to weigh them to get beautiful layers )

Pour in chocolate batter into cake tin and steam for 15 minutes until cooked.
( Always use medium heat only, if not the cake will burst )

Pour in mocha and steam again for 15 minutes.
( Photo above is the result of not weighing the batter and using bigger cake tin than should be )

Lastly, pour in white batter and steam for 20 minutes.

Remove from steamer and let cool.
Then, remove from cake tin and cut into pieces.

Not even layers.. 

But tastes better and more fragrant.. :))


  1. What a lovely birthday cake! I'm sure your son was very happy :)

  2. Thanks Jen. He likes the choo choo train more than the cake, LOL.