14 June 2011

Express Congee

Had been cooking a lot of these nowadays. One way to give more fluids to the kids' body. :P 

My kids don't drink a lot of water, so soup is very important in our family. A soup for dinner is a must have everyday.

My kids and I usually have this express congee for lunch. Simple, fast to cook and nutritious. :))

Method :

Take half of the boiled soup for dinner into a small pot.

Bring soup to boil and add in leftover rice from yesterday.

Stir the rice into soup evenly and bring the soup to boil again.
Let it simmer for about 2 minutes, stirring once a while.

Then, off heat and you'll have a tasty congee done. :)

Transfer to a bowl and serve warm. 
My kids loved it!!!

** Goes well with other soups too. :D

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