12 January 2011

Acar Awak ( Pickled Vegetables )

My second project for CNY is Acar Awak. My acar is not spicy compared to the original ones because my family couldn't take spicy stuff. :(

And I didn't add in groundnuts also for fear it will cause skin allergy. :(

Well, it does taste good without the ingredients I omitted. :D

Ingredients : 

Ground spice paste :

8 shallots
1/2 bulb garlic
4 tbsp chili boh
3 stalk lemon grass
1 inch fresh turmeric / kunyit basah
1/2 inch galangal / lengkuas
6 candlenuts / buah keras
some toasted belacan

Cut into small pieces

Grounded into paste

Added chili boh

Seasoning :

200g caster sugar
100ml white rice vinegar
2 tsp salt
50ml water

Vegetables :

2 large cucumbers - leave skin on, discard centre piths, cut into 2 inch strips
200g long beans - cut into 2 inch strips
2 large carrots - cut into 2 inch strips
1 medium radish - cut into 2 inch strips
1/2 round cabbage - cut into small pieces
1 small cauliflower - cut into small pieces
4 green chillies - cut into half, deseeded
4 red chillies - deseeded, cut into half, deseeded

Groundnuts - roasted and coarsely milled
Sesame seeds - toasted
( keep in airtight containers )

Method :

Preheat wok with 5 tbsp oil, switch to low heat and saute grounded spice paste till fragrant.

Add in seasoning, mix well and turn off heat.

Set aside to cool.

In another wok, bring 2 rice bowls water with 1 1/2 rice bowls white rice vinegar to boil.
Scald each item ( except chillies ) briefly or else the vegetables will loose it crunchiness.
Cool slightly, place in a cloth bag and wring out excess water.
Set aside to cool.

Mix the spice paste and vegetables well when it's cooled.
Keep chilled overnight to allow flavours to develop.

Sprinkle with groundnuts and sesame seeds before serving.

***Recipe adapted from Traditional Koh Kuih, Lap Mei & Cookies Cookbook, with little changes. :)

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