30 December 2010

PD Trip ( Day 2 )

Got to get up earlier because the buffet breakfast was till 10am only.

Managed to snap a photo of each of us while the kids were still asleep

We headed to the restaurant at 9am and there were not many people around.

The selection of food was very limited and more to Malay cuisine.

After breakfast, we headed to the pool for a swim.

The towel attendant

Both of them didn't wanna come out from the pool.
" Kesian "

Took our bath, packed and checked out from hotel.

Went to Kedai Kopi Pak Lang for lunch

The place is very airy with lots of ceiling fans

Toasted bread - ok

Teh 'o' ais limau & Sirap limau - ok

Curry mee - tasteless

Nasi lemak bungkus - ok

Nasi ayam - ok

( Typical Malay Cuisine ) - All costs us RM16.70 ( Cheap )

After lunch we said goodbye to PD and headed back. :)

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