09 November 2010

My Anniversary Gift From Hubby

Was planning to join a fitness club or at least go for some yoga classes recently. Having to take care of my children really makes my time fully occupied everyday. And now that both of them have started attending school, can have a little bit of time for myself.

As usual, told hubby about it, " trying to get his support ". And what he did? He gave me a Sony MP3 walkman for our wedding anniversary, with this message, " Well, you can always exercise at home and the motivating songs from this walkman will keep you going. "

Arks!!!! Is he being considerate? selfish? or..... CONSERVATIVE??? I don't know, and I don't want to know.

Anyway, love this new gadget and had been using it everyday. :P

Thanks dear.

Simple, light and no wires dangling
2 GB
Can insert about 500 songs